The final Presidential debate occurred last night and it was quite different from the first one.  Last night President Trump did what many people wanted him to do and that was to allow Joe Biden to hurt himself with his own words and boy did he do that.

The moderator from NBC, Kristen Welker, did do a much better job than many expected but she did interrupt President Trump approximately 30 times and Joe Biden only twice.  Will the mainstream media be up in arms over the number of times Welker interrupted President Trump but allowed Biden to speak at length many times?  Do not hold your breath, they will blame Welker’s interruption on the President himself or state that he needed to be interrupted and Biden did not.

President Trump spoke about dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic in a responsible and adult way.  Joe Biden had a very dark message about the virus and stated once again if a government or non-government scientist advises him to lockdown the country he would.

The president stated that the U.S. is:

"rounding the turn on the pandemic…We're learning to live with it. We have no choice…We can’t lock ourselves up in a basement like Joe does.”

Joe Biden responded rather dark and pessimistic manner:

"He says ‘we're learning to live with it.’ People are learning to die with it”

Is this doom and gloom attitude something you want in the Presidency?

Is this hide in your home mentality what you really want from someone who wants to lead our country as President of the United States?

How would Biden run the country if he refuses to come out of his bedroom or the Oval Office?

The doom and gloom attitude of Joe Biden was not only evident in his words but also in his actions and facial expressions.  He looked very old, tired and angry many times.  Just as people advised President Trump, if you let him speak he will hurt himself and he did that many times.  There were times when Biden would start to go down a line of thought and then just start stuttering because he did not appear to know what he wanted to say next.  He would then use his “come on man” line to end his sentence.

On the economy, Biden stated that he wants to raise taxes and increase regulations.  He did say that he would create millions and millions of jobs in the Global Warming industries.  At one point President Trump stated that he does believe in solar power but we are nowhere at a point where we can rely on solar power due to the fact that it does not produce enough energy to power our homes and businesses.  He stated that solar power alone cannot power our manufacturing plants.  Biden responded that solar power alone could power all of our huge manufacturing plants.

Really Joe, “come on man”!

In respect to the, some say 11 million others say 20 million, illegal aliens living today in the United States Biden stated:

“Within 100 days I am going to send to the U.S. Congress a pathway to citizenship for over 11 million undocumented people”

As I have been stating for years we need to secure our borders and then have a discussion about what to do with all of the illegal aliens (that is the legal term the U.S. government uses) who are already here in the United States and have not broken any laws other than entering into our country illegally.

Do I believe the discussion should include allowing them to stay?  Yes!

Do I believe we should reward their entering our country illegally and cutting in front of the line before all attempting to get in our country legally? No!

Joe does, do you?

By the way, Joe, is it bedtime or do you have somewhere else you need to get to:


Donald Trump And Joe Biden Participate In Final Debate Before Presidential Election
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
Donald Trump And Joe Biden Participate In Final Debate Before Presidential Election
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

President Trump did bring up the apparent corruption Joe Biden and his family was making a great living at.  More to come on that one.

As a side note I found an interesting statement by Senator Kamala Harris, just last Monday, October 19th Vice Presidential candidate Harris said the following in Florida:

“Justice is on the ballot in 2020. Economic justice is on the ballot in 2020. Climate justice is on the ballot in 2020. Health care justice is in the ballot in 2020. Reproductive justice is on the ballot in 2020. Criminal justice reform is on the ballot in 2020”

That is quite a lot of justice that Joe Biden, Senator Harris and the rest of the Democrats want to bring down on the citizens of the United States.  Are you ready for all of the “justice”?

By the way, what is “economic, climate, healthcare and reproductive justice”?

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