News from Around The World.

Michael Bloomberg is working overtime to buy the state of Florida for the Biden campaign and the Democrats. He is now planning to dump around $125 million into the Sunshine state hoping to hell he can do better than the 1 delegate he bought with $55 million dollars earlier this year.

Several Democrat Senators are calling Amy Coney Barrett an illegitimate candidate for the Supreme Court and say they will not meet with her at all but that notwithstanding. Barrett likely be confirmed around Teddy Roosevelt’s Birthday, that of course is October 27th.

The Big Story IS debate Number one in Cleveland tonight. The stakes could not be higher and President Trump needs to make up some ground in some areas according to polling. He will also need to overcome clumsy mail handlers we have learned.

What are the biggest topics, Coronavirus, The Supreme Court, the economy, foreign policy, competence—what?

If you could ask one question to both candidates—what would it be?

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