The first debate actually did occur last night and Joe Biden did show up.  Could you actually call it a debate or more of a shouting match with each candidate going at each other’s throats?

Did you feel that President Trump appeared to be too aggressive, not aggressive enough or just right?

Did you feel that Joe Biden appeared to be too weak, not civil enough or just right?

While I was watching the, whatever you want to call that I thought that President Trump at times was too aggressive and Biden came off weak and appeared to get lost in his comments and never really answered any questions.

Did Biden past the test of being able to get through the debate without any major screw-ups?  Well, it depends on what you define as screw-ups.  As I stated he did seem to be lost and flustered in some if not most of his comments.  He did not make any statements as he recently has when he stated over 200 million people have died of COVID-19 in the United States or he has been in the Senate 180 years and he went to a college he never actually went to.  This is a man who denigrates the pharmaceutical industry but it appears that the very same pharmaceutical industry allowed him to stay somewhat coherent last night for an hour and a half.

I thought if President Trump would have allowed him to speak a bit longer when he was descending into his wormhole those major screw-ups would have materialized. When Joe starts down the “come on man” path you can see from a mile away his dementia or senility coming on.  President Trump might have actually saved him a few times by not allowing him to finish his “thoughts” after the “come on man” statements.

Also, Joe Biden is attempting to sell to the American people that he is the civil one who will bring back civility to our nation yet he was the only one calling people names on that stage.  President Trump never called him a name.  Biden, being the civil one actually called President Trump a racist, a clown and a liar.  The liar one amused me due to the fact that he lied so much on that stage it was blatantly obvious.  One of those lies was his son, Hunter did not receive $3.5 million dollars in the form of a wire from the Mayor of Moscow, and he actually did.  That would be the city in Russia, not Idaho.

The civil one who will bring back civility to our country, that is what Joe Biden and the Democrats tell us, then went on to tell the President to “shut up” and “keep yapping”.  Many might have expected President Trump to be the name-caller and insulter in chief when it actually was Joe Biden.

When Joe Biden was asked about what he means when he states he wants to reimagine the police force, he stated that he wants to send a psychologist with a police officer so the police do not use violence against them.  Psychologists and social workers, whoever you want to send instead of the police of with the police, does anyone really believe that would actually work most of the time or you will find psychologists or social workers who want to put themselves in harm’s way.

Did President Trump overplay his hand with his aggressiveness?  Will the coveted Independents not like his aggressive approach or Biden’s weak approach?  We will see.

I believe President Trumps' frustration of what the Obama/Biden administration attempted to do to him and his team using our intelligence agencies to illegally spy on his campaign and eventual presidency got the better of him.  If a coup was attempted against you would you not be angry?

That does not excuse the over-aggressiveness at times but does give a glimpse in what may have been his motivation.  After sleeping on the debate I thought a bit differently.

I believe President Trump showed sympathy for the American people when it came to the discussion of lockdowns and closures.  Joe Biden has stated that he would shut down, lockdown and close our economy if this scientist and doctors told him to.  American families have been put through enough for a virus that is not deadly to most of us, check out the latest survivability rates from the CDC.

President Trump is a man who cares about what he has built for our country.  He is a man who cares that he got us back on our feet and brought respectability back to our shores from around the world, he does not want to see that go down the drain.

President Trump is invested in making sure he can continue this job and build on what he, his team and we Americans had built prior to the COVID-19 virus coming to our shores via China.

President Trump is a man of action, not inaction as most politicians are and he is very passionate.  Those of us who are passionate and see what may be coming down the pike for our children, grandchildren and future generations understand where he is coming from.

President Trump stands up for his family and his family now is the United States, his family is your family.

In the end, did America get what they needed out of this “debate”?  I did not hear much about what they plan to do if voted in.  With President Trump, we do have a road map because he intends to do what he has been doing.  With Joe Biden, we do not have much of an idea of what he wants to do because he has not told us much outside of the debates and told us very little in the debate last night.

What are your thoughts on the “debate” last night?


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