Hats off to all farmers who work so hard harvesting crops and the fact that they get up so early in the morning to get their work done is worth mentioning.

According to WILX, it's been a tough year for farmers and now it's getting a lot tougher. The recent snow has farmer's struggling to harvest their crops and now it's a race against time and the cold.

Hundreds of acres of crops are still in the ground unable to be touched. The United States Department of Agriculture said only 33 percent of corn used for grain has been harvested so far.

This has already been a tough year for farmers after heavy rains in the spring caused a late planting season.

Farmers say they are holding out for warmer weather and more sun. They say they have until the end of December to get everything out of the ground.

I grew up with family members who were farmers and I really understand how difficult it can be for farmers who cannot harvest their crops based on weather related issues.

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