Welcome to Tipping Point Tuesday—I’m Steve Gruber—A man caught in the Middle AND my pronouns TODAY are He/Him and Mister but I prefer Sire AND Your Highness! Welcome to it—

Impeachment Palooza— Impeachment Parody— Impeachment Follies— Charade—Fantasy—Extravaganza—

Here are 3 BIG Things you need to know—

Three—  It is frigid in the heart of the country—a suffocating cold snap is crushing record low temperatures all across America today—and you are likely in the deep freeze too—if not it will be along shortly—

Two— Disney has a dismal rollout of its digital streaming platform—Disney Plus turned out to be a BIG FAT mins and fans are cursing the face plant on high tech—for all to see

And Number One— Impeachment Palooza is ready to rock in DC today—which by the way is a complete joke BUT the narrative is getting plenty of traction anyway—and today the circus will be dragged out from the secret dungeons and played on TV—BUT only those the Democrats want you to see—no one else!

Oh—AND First Jeffrey Epstein DID NOT kill himself!

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