These days it's very to tough to make a living without having a good job that pays well and offers halfway decent benefits. But what about people who make minimum wage?

According to WILX, some local fast food workers are sounding off on the fight for $15. The movement is calling for a federal minimum wage and it comes ahead of a statewide strike today in Detroit.

Analysts estimate a 4.3% increase in fast food prices to raise wages to $15 per hour for workers. The fight for $15 is now expanding as workers demand union rights to negotiate higher pay along with other issues.

Sources say McDonald's is the second largest private company in the world and advocates believe if they can get McDonald's on board then other fast food restaurants will follow.

Even workers at Popeyes on Martin Luther King in South Lansing say fast food workers put in long labor intense hours that calls for better protections and higher pay.

No matter where you work, it's really important to feel appreciated and being compensated for hard work should never be overlooked.


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