I have been telling you since his first day that Sean Spicer would not make it six months. I was right. Plain and simple this is one I called from the beginning. Honestly it wasn’t that hard. From the first time Spicer took up the cause for Donald Trump and took on the establishment media from a podium that was foot too tall that made him look like an angry garden gnome he was clearly in over his head. And not just be cause his chin was on the lecternå.

Spicer has not had a good relationship with the press ever since and I have been calling for someone to step in that could do the job with grace, humor and direct effectiveness without all the abrasive qualities. Spicer was too often angry and short with the press corps. In fairness they for the most part treated him and his boss with vile contempt and outright disrespect. That being said he didn’t handle it well overall.

So now we are told Sean Spicer is getting a promotion. Uh-huh. Anyway that is what is being said and the company line is that he is taking a job to over the White House Communications Department while seeking a replacement.

Spicer is gone so now what? How about a dream team?

Maybe my prayers and dreams will all come true and Ann Coulter will get the nod to take the starting job at the podium. The ratings would be huge. Can you imagine her standing there smirking while verbally smacking the national media around just for sport? Of course she would be great at first few sessions but after about 5 days or so Ann would start explaining why the President did what he did and then explain why he was wrong for doing it.

So lets keep searching.

I understand Bill O’Reilly is looking for a job. Another stellar choice O’Reilly would be terrific and knows a thing or two about dealing with the media and as long as he doesn’t blow a kiss to the ladies in the front row he would be solid. I mean here is a guy who does know where the bodies are buried. I think the entertainment value of the leftist media going into full-on panic mode would be worth the price of admission.

I think Tucker Carlson with his confounded gaze with the furrowed brow just before he blurts out, “you cannot be serious, that is the dumbest question I have ever heard,” would be a wonderful choice. I mean can you imagine him bursting out laughing at a member of the press for the question?

Clint Eastwood is my dark horse. I can just see him there, steeley eyed in a stare down with some self-inflated Washington Post reporter, “go ahead punk, make my day.”

Maybe President Trump could create a revolving door for the job. Remember when Harry Carry died? The long time Cubs broadcaster was the center of attention for home baseball games at Wrigley field in Chicago. When he died the team knew they couldn’t fill his shoes so they just did guest hosts for the games. Every day you could send out a new celebrity to handle the press questions. I mean what difference would it make anyway? It’s not like the media is going to take the next Press Secretary any more serious or treat them with any more respect. I think the President might as well shake it up.

On Monday it could be Kid Rock. On Tuesday Bruce Willis could take the reins. By mid-week it could be Charlie Daniels.

Who would you like to see on the podium going forward?

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