Dr. Tom Borelli, Contributor with America’s Voice News, TV commentator and former science fellow for the U.S. House of Representatives.


Impeachment, Democratic run for President 2020,


Steve Gruber: My next guest Tom Borelli here. Tom Welcome to the program I hope you had a great holiday

Tom Borelli: Hey Steve, I did. I hope you and Ivey did as well

Steve Gruber: She is and how's your wife

Tom Borelli: She's doing well we are both comfortably numb a little bit after the holiday but we'll kick into gear

Steve Gruber: Fair enough, fair enough. So they get right back into the impeachment noise today and I don't understand it because if you look at the polling from the "Swing States", like Michigan where I live and you did once. The Impeachment Idea not selling well out here in "Forgotten America", just not. Its not selling well here or Ohio or Pennsylvania or North Carolina or a host of other places. In fact, Independents now according to the Brand new Roters polling, Independents are opposed to impeachment altogether by double digits. And yet, the Democrats just plow forward, its incredible to me.

Tom Borelli: Well certainly they are "Doubling Down on Stupid" because history shows that impeaching your President is really unpopular with the electorates but, even with President Trump's tremendous job he has been doing for the economy which means for the people. This makes absolutely no sense. The democrats are clearly desperate.

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