Craig Stevens, is the spokesperson for Grow America’s Infrastructure Now (GAIN). Dems Will Ruin U.S. Energy Industry If Elected President
I think one of the most important things that we take a look at is infrastructure in the United States and how we can make sure that the infrastructure is built in a common sense and sensible way. We are seeing a lot of especially the far left trying to identify ways to stop infrastructure construction, whether that's highways railroads airport Construction. One or even energy pipelines and you know, we know up there Michigan there's a lot of energy and a lot of energy transportation and and the last is trying to shut in a lot of our US Energy development tell us that we can't ship it from place to place and that's all part of their way to try to keep more of our US Energy development in the ground and force us to use more renewable energy. But you know, if they do that that's going to lead to higher energy costs. It's going to lead to a less secure nation. And of course it's going to damage our economy.
Dr. Tom Borelli, Impeachment, Democratic run for President 2020,
Well certainly they are "Doubling Down on Stupid" because history shows that impeaching your President is really unpopular with the electorates but, even with President Trump's tremendous job he has been doing for the economy which means for the people. This makes absolutely no sense. The democrats are clearly desperate.