Before you give all of your empty cans and bottles to a local charity or a kid in the neighborhood, be sure to take off those aluminum pull tabs because there's a local charity that needs them! If you didn't know the Ronald McDonald House of Mid-Michigan collects tabs from any can with a pull tab and uses that money to help with costs to operate the Ronald McDonald House of Mid-Michigan.

And if you're not familiar with the Ronald McDonald House of Mid-Michigan, it opened in June of 2000 across the road from Sparrow Hospital. According to their website, the Ronald McDonald House of Mid-Michigan serves nearly 200 families each year and provides families with a place they can have home-cooked meals, a place for siblings to play and a comfortable space to sleep that is close to the hospital while their child is receiving treatment at the hospital.

So, how much do those little pull tabs really help? Well, they say that the amount of aluminum tabs collected and donated each year actually helps to provide enough funding to cover the Ronald McDonald House’s utilities for a month --which is nearly $2,000! If you'd like to donate your tabs, you can mail them or drop them off at the Ronald McDonald House, which is located at 121 South Holmes Street in Lansing. If you have any questions, you can call 517-485-9303.

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