If there is one thing we all enjoy talking about or speculating about is weather. And Michigan always has interesting weather tucked in between three lakes. I remember reading an article a few months back talking about global warming and how in say 2050 and beyond, the weather patterns for the entire US will change, with many areas getting much warmer. They predicted Michigan will have the more tolerable weather than many other parts of our country, and the south is going to get really hot.

Sunday, yesterday and today we’re enjoying some very warm 80 degree temperatures. I even had to turn on the Air Conditioning on Memorial Day. It will be warm all this week with some storms mixed in, then cooler this weekend with highs in the 70s. With all of the outdoor adventures available in our great state we take full advantage of great weather like we’re experiencing now. And boy are we thankful when winter is over and the sun is warm.

NOAA’s climate prediction center is the branch that does seasonal forecasts and they just came out today with the new forecast for June, July and August in Michigan. NOAA reports

If we had to summarize this forecast, it would be a very warm and moist summer heading toward Michigan. If we have above normal temperatures and above normal rainfall, there will be one thing we all feel - high humidity.

It’s also interesting that NOAA forecasts a stronger trend to warmer than average weather as we go into late summer and early fall. Be sure and stock up on suntan lotion and keep an umbrella handy!

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