Courser, Gamrat- Vanity Politics - Getty Images

They both lied to their families, the voters and maybe investigators from the state legislature.

Former State Rep Todd Courser resigned his seat at three in the morning on September 11th. An hour later the state house threw out Cindy Gamrat.

The two had an extramarital affair with each other after running as Christian conservatives to get elected. They flaunted the rules, common sense and common decency along the way.

Now both are flaunting their disregard for the voters again by jumping into the special elections called to replace them. By law it’s legal. It’s also nauseating for those of us forced to watch.

There are a lot of folks running in both the 80th and 82nd house districts. It is possible both could win the primary races. I am among those that remain hopeful that won’t happen. I am among those that hope that the latest run for vanity will finally be the end of it.

We will see.