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The Pope is running deep into the weeds of left field again, as in the left field of extremist liberal politics that have failed people of the world for more than a century. Pope Francis stopped in Cuba to meet with dictator Raul Castro on the first leg of his North American tour. Castro in a typically long winded and self serving speech said Cuba "founded an equitable society with social justice". The truth is much closer to Cuba is a poverty riddled nation with few prospects as a direct result of socialist, Marxist government led welfare state failures.

Now, there are many among us that would have you believe that America is to blame for Cuba’s economic and social problems. By that logic America would also be to blame for the failures of socialism in Russia, China and Venezuela. They will point to the American embargo of the country since 1961 and conveniently forget to mention Cuban dictator Fidel Castro had nuclear missiles imported from Russia and pointed at the United States. They will forget to mention President John Kennedy undertook the Bay of Pigs invasion before getting cold feet and allowing thousands of Cubans to get slaughtered on the beaches.

Those that blame the US will forget to mention the long history of civil rights violations, the harboring of American fugitives and the thousands that have fled the island for pursuit of the real dream, The American Dream of liberty, freedom and prosperity.

Now comes Pope Francis, who of late has decided his papal responsibilities are to focus on the fuzzy science of Global Warming and decry the evils of capitalism. It seems to me he tripped and hit his head on the way to the pulpit.

During Raul’s remarks he praised his country's socialist model for building a society "focused on human beings and the family" and said he's "firmly determined to ... build a just and virtuous society with high ethical and spiritual values."

Of course anyone who has even a basic understanding of economics, politics and history knows this is nothing more than the standard line of misinformation that is put out by sitting dictators.

In Zimbabwe Dictator Robert Mugabe fresh off his birthday feast of baby elephant (yes that’s true) decries the evil of capitalism from his opulent mansion. He attacks western ways and capitalism as more than 5 million people in his country are facing starvation. Of course like most dictators he fails to mention the truth, in this case that Mugabe himself murdered thousands of farmers, because they were white, in a misguided effort to give land to others in his country. Mugabe’s social justice sent Zimbabwe from being a nation that fed most of sub-Saharan Africa to a shit-hole where a few prosper and the rest suffer in poverty and without food.

Maybe the Pope should step down from his high horse and actually do some cursory reading and research to understand the true root of all evil is man’s desire to control other men. Socialism, Communism and Marxism accounted for easily more than 100 million deaths in the 20th century.

It is against this bleak backdrop that Pope Francis is apparently endorsing the thug Castro brothers and their failed communist state.

From there Pope Francis will travel to the United States to meet his favorite budding Marxist, Barack Obama and his Holiness will address a joint session of Congress, no not Obama, the Pope. No doubt he will skip over original sin and jump right to the big sins of Global Warming and Capitalism.

It is time for the Pope to return to the scriptures and leave the issues of economics and free enterprise to those that actually understand that capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty, millions and millions of people in fact, than any other single thing in the history of mankind. Capitalism has resulted in people living longer, healthier, more productive lives than at any time in human history, period. Prosperous people eat better, sleep better and get better medical care. The same can certainly not be said for the slaves of the state that toil away in places like Cuba.

Cuba means social justice? My ass!