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A new study being reported on in the Daily Caller news site from Queen Mary University in London has determined that Liberals use more profanity in the Twitter language than Conservatives.

I could have told them that much by just showing them the email I receive.

The sample size they used was quite large, they studied over 300,000 followers on official Democrat and Republican Party Twitter accounts.

The researchers found that liberals use swear words quite a bit more than conservatives.  They concluded that liberals swear more because they are more “emotionally expressive” than conservatives.

Interesting, liberals rely more on their emotions than conservatives, where did I hear that before?

Another interesting thing they determined from their research was that liberals “were more likely to tweet about pop culture as words such as, “world cup,” “nene,” and “album.”

Another interesting finding.

The researchers found that conservatives on the other hand “used language that tended to reflect their identity with words like “god,” “psalm,” “America,” “country,” and “border.”

Researchers determined that the words that conservatives use are typically reflective of their religious and national identities, compared to the language that liberal’s use which focused more on their individual identity.

Interesting, conservatives used words reflective of their national identity and liberals focused more on themselves.

Would that be called self-centered?

This research concluded that liberals “frequently use first person pronouns such as “I” and “me,” while conservatives prefer collective pronouns such as “we” and “our.”

I hear President Obamas quite frequently refer to himself in speeches.

The authors of the study thought the results were not surprising to them because other physiological research backed up their findings.  Apparently liberals tend to be more emotional base while conservatives tend to emphasize their group identity.

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