2,200 freedom loving people who use words that reflect their national identity and not their individual identity (see my other blog on that statement) will attend Michigan’s Republican Party’s biennial Leadership conference on Mackinac island this weekend.

With them will be six people attempting to become the Republican parities presidential nominee and they are:

  • Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush,
  • Texas Sen. Ted Cruz,
  • California businesswoman Carly Fiorina,
  • Ohio Gov. John Kasich,
  • Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, and
  • Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

All of the primary candidates were invited but obviously some could not or choose not to make it.

Interesting that the current frontrunner Donald Trump could not make it or choose not to.

Why do you think Donald is not going to be at the big Michigan Republican Conference?

Does he think he will win the state?

Does he believe he does not have a chance to win the state so why waste his valuable time?

What are your thoughts?

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