Here's a nine month old 160 pound Polar Bear swimming with her Mom at the Detroit Zoo's "Arctic Ring of Life Exhibit." While there have not been as many people visiting the zoo in Royal Oak (Oakland County) because of the cold weather of late for many of the animals it's business as usual. They have heated areas they can stay in if they want or if they prefer they can venture out.

The Detroit Zoo has a long and interesting history. The first zoo opened in 1883 near Michigan and Trumbull Avenues not far from where Tiger Stadium used to be in Detroit. It closed in 1884. The new zoo was officially opened in August of 1928 at the location where it is today. Detroit city official John Nagel was there for the opening event. He parked his car next to a den of bears. One of them somehow got out. Nagel then started walking toward the bear and was heard to say: "he's the reception committee." Quick work by the keepers corralled the bear and Nagel was not hurt.  The Detroit Zoo has over 3,000 animals and nearly 300 species and covers about 125 acres.