More snow in the forecast but it should be minimal today.  The big problem is the cold temps.  Wind chills in some areas nearing 50 degrees below zero.  But for those feeling the snow and chill, another swipe from Mother Nature could be coming later this week.

Schools are closed again today in most areas but state government is back open, including the court system.  Michigan State University is back effective at noon.  Monday's closure, by the way, was the only the sixth in the school's history.

Travel restrictions, meantime,  have been lifted in Lansing and East Lansing but on-street parking is still discouraged.

The roads are a big concern as well today.  Plows have been working non-stop trying to clear roadways and lay down salt, but still icy conditions remain.  Blowing and drifiting snow is also limiting visibility in some areas with near whiteout conditions.  Warnings not to travel and to stay indoors if you can, are even coming from Governor Snyder who is advising parents to keep their children inside and out of the dangerous cold temps.  He says there will be plenty of time to build snowmen and igloos when the temps warm later this week.

Meawhile, that warmer air, which will feel like a heat wave for some, could prompt just the latest swipe from Mother Nature.  Flooding could occur--especially for those in low lying areas--as the snow begins to melt.

The National Weather Service says officials snow totals show Owosso received the most snow in the storm system in Michigan--getting nearly 19 inches of the white stuff.