Remember the old movie scene when someone is frantically running through the building where they actually published paper newspapers and yelling “HOLD THE PRESSES”?

Well something like that must have happened at CNN yesterday.  I can see their White House correspondent Jim Acosta running through the halls yelling “HOLD THE SEGMENT” I have breaking news on President Trump’s Impeachment inquiry.  Get me makeup ASAP and put me on that set.

Though I doubt they actually call him President Trump. I actually have an anonymous source inside CNN that tells me that when they are forced to say the word President in front of Trump’s name they actually throw up a little bit in their mouths.  Check it out next time you are forced to watch CNN at an airport, whenever they say President Trump they immediately cut away from the person on set who said it.

Jim Acosta appeared on air Wednesday morning to report this major bombshell; and that is that President Trump doesn’t want to be impeached.

You heard that correctly, now hurry up and share the link of this story to all your social media sites and friends.  They must know this earth shattering breaking news.

In fact this brilliant reporter said the following:

I talked to a source close to the White House last night, someone who regularly talks to the president who says, you know what, he does not want to be impeached. He does not like the idea of impeachment. Has been worried about this since last December right after the midterms when the Democrats took the house. And that this has been on his mind for some time

What a buffoon Jim Acosta is or should I say Captain Obvious and what even bigger buffoon’s the people who run that network must be.  Or do they actually believe the people who watch their network are buffoon’s and would actually think this is reporting.

Hey Jim I also have a source close to the White House and last night they told me that President Trump also does not want to die!

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