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Live from the campus of Hillsdale College in beautiful Hillsdale Michigan, this is Scot Bertram in for Steve on the Steve Gruber Show for Thursday, February 6th, 2020.

Here are 3 big things you need to know:

Three—American astronaut Christina Koch is back on Earth after a record-setting 328 days on the International Space Station. Koch broke two records during nearly eleven months in space. She was part of the first all-woman spacewalk and has spent more time in space than any other woman.

Two—Two more flights with Americans fleeing China due to the coronavirus are scheduled to land in the U.S. on Thursday, one in San Antonio, Texas, and one in Omaha, Nebraska. All the passengers are being screened for the virus and face 14-day quarantines.

And number one—The impeachment saga is over as President Trump has been acquitted by the Senate. Senators found Trump not guilty on both counts of impeachment—abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. What's next? Well, I'm sure the Democrats will find something.

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