You read that part right, California is banning those little tiny plastic shampoo bottles, so don't expect to be able to steal them on your next hotel stay.

Governor Gavin Newsom has announced that he signed a law, which is banning hotels from providing guests with plastic bottles, shampoos, conditioners as well as soap. Hotels are being urged to use reusable dispensers instead, this according to WILX.

This will apply to more that 515,000 hotel rooms in California, which is the nation's most populous state.

Earlier this year, Marriott International had announced it would eliminate small plastic bottle uses in their hotels by the end of next year.

Santa Cruz has a similar ban passed, which is supposed to go into effect at the end of next year.

The Personal Care Products Council is against the ban, saying it could hurt the care product manufacturers.

This new law will go into effect for hotels with more than 50 rooms in 2023. Hotels with 50 rooms or less have till 2024 top stop supplying these bottles.

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