If you love astronomy, you'll want to make sure to enjoy this weekend's full Hunter's Moon, which will be visible starting Sunday.

Several times during my early morning drive to work, I've seen the moon light up the sky and it looks absolutely beautiful. And there's nothing like looking at a full moon, that's why I'm looking forward to seeing the full Hunter's Moon.

The moon will appear orange when it's near the horizon, a phenomenon that occurs because we are seeing the moon through the haze of the atmosphere.

As the moon rises above the horizon, that orange coloring will fade and it will become its more familiar white.

The moon may initially appear larger on the horizon as well because of an optical illusion known as the moon illusion.

You should be able to see the moon if you look east, but you'll want to make sure your view isn't blocked by trees or buildings. Here's more from WILX.


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