The Associated Press is reporting that officials are investigating a bus stop stabbing in the Detroit-area suburb of Southfield.

Eric Hawkins, Chief of the Southfield police said that a man at the Northland Mall bus stop asked two men if they were Muslim.  The men responded that they were not but were attacked any way. The attack took place on Saturday night.

The first victim was a 52-year-old man from Detroit, he sustained head, neck and back injuries.  The second victim was a 51-year-old man from Detroit that was treated for a hand wound and then released from the hospital.

Police requested a warrant to arrest a man that was nearby the location of the attack. The 39-year-old was picked up.  According to police the man had two knives on his person.

Investigators are unaware of the suspects religion.  The also do not know the religion of the victims.  This is being investigated as a possible hate crime.