Republicans are making some surprise moves and introducing legislation that will change regulations on marijuana and possibly make it easier for folks to get the dope.

State Rep Mike Callton a Republican from Nashville says if passed the new laws would help towns, patients and caregivers understand what is allowed and allow police to enforce and regulate the laws in a ‘common sense fashion’.

Callton called for framework of ‘provisioning centers’ that could sell extra weed grown in the state after it was checked for quality and contaminants. (who can apply for this job???)

The laws would allow local municipalities to ban provisioning centers or limit the number of stores that can operate under Callton's proposal. Meanwhile a bill sponsored by Republican State Rep Lisa Lyons of Alto would go further and allow certified medical marijuana patients to use non-smokable forms for the drug, including liquids, edibles and topical creams.

I’d say it’s time to voice your opinion on this matter if you don’t agree before the whole state goes to pot.