In this Weekend Edition's first segment, Steve addresses the state of the Great Lakes. Last year we were told the water levels were dangerously low and now we hear that they are too high. Are the climate criers making things up to push a political agenda? No, that couldn't be...

Host Steve Gruber goes through Governor Snyder's proposed 2015 budget item-by-item. While some items seem like no-brainers, Steve wonders if some other parts could be better spent on fixing the roads.

The dust has settled and the jokes are running dry about all of Brian Williams' fond memories, and less than a few weeks after his "gig was up" Mr. Williams has been suspended from NBC as Nightly News anchor and editor. Gruber wonders whether or not liberals learned anything from it and whether or not conservatives are surprised by any of it.

A list compiled from various US government sources which identify what it means to classify as an "extremist" by federal standards has been circulating around the internet. Steve was a bit surprised about the depth of activities and interests that the government considers "extremist." Here's a tip, if you're listening to this podcast, you are an extremist.