You have heard and we have spoken about the violent protests that have been happening for some time now across the country.

I have been asking the question why these violent protest are happening now.

Why are people unable to protest without violence these days?

Why are these violent protest happening at colleges and universities around the country by what are supposed to be intelligent people?

Why are college age young adults afraid of different points of view and are in fact against free speech?  Are they not smart enough to know that if you are against someone else’s free speech then people can be against your free speech and your right to assemble and protest.  By the way it is supposed to be peacefully assemble.

By the way Campus Reform is reporting about a new survey of Dartmouth College students in which they found that nearly half of the Democratic students would be uncomfortable with a Republican roommate.

The Washington Times is reporting that city leaders in Berkeley, California, are attempting to deal with and possibly overcome the violence that has occurred many times on the University of California’s Berkeley campus.  You will not believe, or maybe due to the times you may believe, what they have come up with.

These city leaders are suggesting that the protesters engage in “quiet conversations,” “empathy tents,” “bubbles” and “laughter yoga”.

Yes you read that correctly and I hope you did not fall out of your chair from sheer laughter.

A document obtained this week through a Public Request and written by Downtown Berkeley Association CEO John Cainer asked officials in an April 20th letter the following:

Do you think there is a possibility of having quiet conversations with leftist activist groups to see is they would be willing to stand down and not show up for May 2 and/or other events. I know it is probably a long shot, but there would seem to be little risk in quietly doing so.

A Berkeley volunteer Commissioner Phoebe Anne Sorgen suggested the following:

Envision Wavy Gravy, bubbles, singing, laughter yoga! Occupella. Buddhist Peace Meditators. Fencing with sponge noodles.  Will Edwin set up the Empathy tent? How about a volleyball game in the middle of the park and/or a square dance? Will Code Pink pls bring peace symbol cookies to pass out, and daisies.

What has leadership in some of our cities come to when they suggest “quiet conversations,” “empathy tents,” “bubbles” and “laughter yoga” to deal with out of control, violent and aggressive people.

I ask myself what has America come to when we have leaders suggesting such non-sense when dealing with either violent people or young college age adults.

Is this what the current makeup of our political leaders really are, what about the leaders of many of our, or use to be, great institutions of learning, and what about these young adults who in many cases have been accepted into these once great colleges and universities.

Is this what America has to look forward to as our next generation of leaders?

If so God help us all, we are in serious trouble in the coming years and decades.  We the real “intelligent” and common sense people of this once great country must stand up and say enough is enough.  We the real “intelligent” and common sense people of this once great country must stand up and help President Trump “Make America Great Again”.

It appears we may be fighting an uphill battle but we must never give up, consider the consequences for the following generations, our grandchildren and children.

Enough is enough, stand with me as an adult and let us tell these children what being a responsible, intelligent and common sense adult is all about.

If that does not work they should be sent into a corner for time-out.

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