A Florida middle school science teacher bullied and called his Future Farmers of America (FFA) students murderers'.

The Daily Caller reported that the teacher, Thomas Roger Allison Jr., allegedly stated the following to his students:

When the animals’ throats are being slit, they are calling out your names, asking why you are not coming to save them

The good news is that the Marion County School district Superintendent recommended that this teacher be fired. In his written recommendation the Superintendent wrote the following:

[Allison] has engaged in a repeated, egregious pattern of mistreating, ridiculing, insulting, intimidating, embarrassing, bullying and abusing FFA students, crushing their dreams and causing them to feel that they must discontinue FFA activities in order to enjoy a peaceful school environment.

It is truly great news and encouraging that the school's Superintendent is actually taking action against the teacher and recommending that this teacher be fired and hopefully never allowed to be in front of children again.

This is more evidence of what is going on in some of our schools and to think that a teacher could even imagine that they could say something like this to young children and think they may actually get away with it.

In the investigation performed by the Superintendent an agriculture teacher at the school reported:

that FFA students have come to her crying, stating that (Allison) has called them murderers

In fact that same agricultural teacher alleged that the teacher "harassed an FFA teacher adviser and suggested his honors science students do the same to FFA members".

The question is what is going on in these schools? We need to keep ever vigilant concerning what are children are being taught and what teachers are saying to them in class.

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