What does geology and race have to do with each other, an intelligent person would think nothing.  Well apparently a geology professor at Pomona College thinks differently.

The Campus Reform news site is reporting on this geology professor who said she is prioritizing students of color, immigrants and poor students to be allowed in her class which is restricted to 15 students.

Why is the course limited to only 15 students, because it is what is known as a permission-only (PERM) basis. A permission-only class is when a student must submit a written request to the professor seeking “permission to enroll".

The professor published a flyer which advertised the course on “Southern California Earthquakes and Water".  The class is an introductory geological science class with a focus on “the particular geologic challenges” of Southern California.

The professor wants students from "marginalized backgrounds" such as non-whites and low-income students.  Why, she believes they will derive a “particular benefit” from a smaller and less competitive course.

Why have white students when they would just take advantage of the non-white students I guess.

The professor wrote in the flyer:

I encourage students who PERM this course to indicate how their background, experience, and/or interests could contribute to diversifying perspectives in the course.  I am especially interested in seeing PERM requests from students of color, first generation or low-income students, international, and students early in their college career (first two years); such students are especially encouraged to apply

Interesting, no she is not a bigot at all is she?

How is restricting white students from her course going to help anyone, is that not just going to help further the divide between the races?

Are colleges and universities are supposed to educate all people no matter what their race, gender or economic background is.  Apparently Pomona College did not get the letter on that one or should I say the flyer.

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