Iraq is in turmoil again. A group of militant Islamists called ISIS has taken over major cities like Mosul, imposed harsh rules of Sharia, somehow acquired some of our military weapons and vehicles given to the Iraqi military, and is on target for Baghdad. The Iraqi army has unsuccessfully kept the ISIS at bay and with US troops gone from Iraq and no foreign policy strategy to date, what will the Obama Administration do?

Will Obama act on political motivations considering one of his largest promises to the American people is to get all of our troops out of Afghanistan? Vice President Biden did say in 2010 that Iraq would be a major achievement of the current administration. Perhaps he spoke to soon. According to some sources Britain and the US have ruled out sending more troops into Iraq.

What does this mean? Well considering Iraq is a member of OPEC and the second largest producer of crude oil there is sure to be a hike on gas prices considering the unrest and no plan to boot.