All roads lead to Michigan apparently!  Reports are out now that the man who made history by pulling off the unseating of a political party leader in a primary vote, was born and educated right here in Michigan.

Dave Brat born and educated in Michigan is reporting today that political newcomer Dave Brat is a native of Alma and a graduate of Hope College where he received his bachelor's degree in business administration before moving on to Princeton to earn his doctorate in ecomomics.

Brat, who was heavily backed by the Tea Party,  made political history Tuesday when he resoundly defeated House Majority Leader Eric Canton in Virginia. taking better than 55% of the vote.

The Tea Party in the past backed Cantor but members this year claimed his views on immigration reform forced them to seek new leadership.

The results sent a shock wave throughout the Republican party as many GOP members believe that immigration reform, that would ease restrictions on those coming to this country illegally, was the only way to win back the Hispanic vote that was lost in the 2012 election cycle.

Brat vehementaly opposed immigration reform.

There has been little public comment from fellow Republicans on the election results, but experts believe that the election results will force many who were leaning toward easing restrictions to rethink their stance.

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