I can not figure this one out.  Two wealthy philanthropist Charles and David Koch (Koch Industries) donates $25 million to the Untied Negro College fund and Democrats want the United Negro College fund to reject the donation because the philanthropist do not have the same political ideology as theirs.

The $25 million will send 3,000 poor kids to college with money left over to support the UNCF and historically black colleges.

Can someone explain this one to me?

Marybeth Gasman, a higher education professor at the University of Pennsylvania stated  that the United Negro College Fund, which is a charitable organization dedicated to helping black people get college degrees, is “wrong” to accept this $25 million to help black people get college degrees, according to Inside Higher Ed.  She states that the Koch brothers want to send these young black men and women to college to weaken the political interests of black Americans.

Can someone explain to me how educating young black men and woman weakens the political interest of black Americans?

Perhaps they believe if they become educated it will harm the Democrat party, now that is very interesting is it not?

Ms. Gasmen also stated that the $25 million donation will put the Koch brothers in a positive light, and that is a bad thing.

Wake up people and open your eyes to what some people in high positions in the Democrat party are really doing.