Fred Upton on Immigration, VA, and Cantor’s Loss
This morning Congressman Fred Upton, R-MI from St. Joesph joined Steve Gruber and Jo Anne Paul on The Steve Gruber Show to discuss the hot topics in Washington.
On Tuesday night US House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost to his challenger in the Republican primary...
Lawmakers “Hit the Gas” on a Road Funding Plan
Members of the Michigan Senate could vote as early as today on a plan to raise a billion dollars for road and bridge repair in the state.  But the ultimate decision on how to fix the state's crumbling infrastructure could end up in the hands of voters.
I can not figure this one out.  Two wealthy philanthropist Charles and David Koch (Koch Industries) donates $25 million to the Untied Negro College fund and Democrats want the United Negro College fund to reject the donation because the philanthropist do not have the same political ideology as …