Dave Brat shocked the political world this week when he unseated Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in a primary challenge in Virginia’s 7th district. Outspent by Cantor to the tune of millions of dollars the Economics Professor gave quite a lesson on mathematics. The education he shared with us all began at Alma college in Alma Michigan. You see us country kids can teach math… the old fashioned way. The lesson? Really? Simple, money isn’t the answer. It is the lazy answer often times… just raise taxes… spend more money and it will be better but Brat proves hard work still means something in this country.

Cantor spent over 5 million dollars on the race. Brat put in little more than a hundred grand. Not one dime of which came from ANY national Tea Party group! If you think I pulling a fast one read what the Washington Post wrote in part today:


Of the measly $4,805 in political expenditures against Cantor reported  to the Federal Election Commission, none came from the big national tea party groups, according to data compiled by the nonpartisan Sunlight Foundation. The bulk was spent by a newly formed super PAC called We Deserve Better PAC on an online ad that attacked Cantor as pro-amnesty.

Meanwhile, several outside groups together spent $366,000 on independent ads, phone banks and mailers backing Cantor – including the American Chemistry Council, which put $308,000 into a TV ad, and the National Rifle Association, which spent less than $2,000 on postcards.

Heading into Tuesday's election, Brat was massively outspent. Cantor's campaign raced through more than $5 million on the reelection effort, while his challenger's campaign mustered less than $123,000.

The lack of financial firepower on Brat’s behalf may have been in part his fault – the largely unknown candidate, an economics professor at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Va., failed to show up to two gatherings of national conservative operatives and activists last month, citing finals. (Washington Post June 11, 2014)

The beauty of this you ask? Isn’t it obvious? An ordinary guy from some small town in Michigan can still shake up the world. He can win without buying his way in. And no matter how much the liberal media attacks Dave Brat he earned every vote by knocking on doors and shaking hands. He had this crazy idea that if you actually talked to people and gave them a plan they might just vote for you. Well Dave that is some damn fine Michigan common sense!

Congratulations to you Dave Brat and shame on the hoard of lying liberal weasels on TV!