Where does the real violence and aggression live, you decide.

A church in Delta Township Michigan, Faith Bible Church, was recently vandalized.  Volunteers erected approximately 600 crosses on church property earlier this month with a sign next to the display stating “Pray to end abortion”.

Why approximately 600 crosses, apparently each cross was meant to represent 44 abortions that were performed in the state of Michigan in 2016.

According to the Lansing State Journal, on Tuesday, the church’s pastor found all of them pulled from the ground and destroyed.  In the article the pastor was quoted stating:

They were carefully and reverently placed, and it’s sad that someone would desecrate the cross of Christ.  We’re not sure if someone specifically wanted to target the pro-life message or if it was just a random act of vandalism.

There is over whelming evidence this year showing the American citizen and quite frankly the world where the real violence and aggression live, breeds and metastasizes on our political spectrum.

The question is when will the silent majority stand up and say we will not take this anymore.  If we do not stand up against the violent aggression of the left it will eventually ruin our society.

We cannot allow the lefts violent wing, a wing that appears to be growing by leaps and bounds, to continue to bully and assault people, groups and thought that they disagree with.  If we continue to allow them to do so it will not end pretty for our country and future generations.

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