I received the following email from one of you, my listeners. I was so impressed by Grace's emotion in the email and how eloquently she expressed her feelings, I had to share the letter with you.  We were talking about people waiting 1, 2, 3 or even 4 decades later to accuse someone of a crime, specifically sexual harassment or assault.

I find it very difficult to believe five or six young girls and their parents kept this a secret for such a long period of time.

Not one family felt it important enough to address with the alleged perpetrator? File a police report?

The focus is on the perceived intent of the accused. Is every touch, glance, smile, wink or compliment have a sexual connotation?


As a society, we have taken the stance of assuming malicious intent. Why do we no longer assume innocence?

Most of our problems in life are because we perceive an intent that was not reality. We do not talk with people to discuss our feelings and emotions, we assume our perception is correct.

Social media has greatly contributed to this lack of social aptitude. We no longer know how to accept appropriate flattery or a well intended compliment.

We need to get back to social etiquette and learn some graces.


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