The bombshell revelation delivered by Donna Brazille that Hillary Clinton and her campaign effectively took over the Democratic National Committee long before she ever secured the nomination for President. The effect of the move was putting in the fix on the primary process and guaranteeing Hillary was able to outlast Bernie Sanders in the race.

By controlling all of the money coming in and out of the DNC, Brazille revealed that Hillary and her people controlled all messaging, campaigning and everything dealing with the 2016 primaries. This was the smoking gun that Sanders supporters have long believed was out there but never expected to see. Now the disenchanted members of the Bernie crowd will point to the dishonest DNC and the ‘rigged election’ going forward.

The fix put in by Hillary will likely affect the Democrats for years to come. I can assure you that this fix will be revisited in 2020 and many election cycles beyond that. How can Democrats trust the process when they know now that the party was sold to the highest bidder? In this case it was sold to Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

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