In a stunning series of bombshell revelations Donna Brazille the longtime liberal Democratic operative and former interim head of the Democratic National Committee has delivered a potential knockout punch to the Clinton Political Machine. Brazille released excerpts from a soon to be released book that takes a harsh look at Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party for it’s failures during the 2016 Presidential Election cycle.

The first big revelation came when Brazille says she found proof that the Clinton’s had effectively taken control of the DNC in 2015 with a deal to eliminate debt but secured all decision making for the campaign. The Clinton Campaign also took control of all significant DNC decisions. In effect the DNC was just a branch office of Hillary Clinton’s Campaign and it rigged the race in favor of the Former Secretary of State over Bernie Sanders. Sanders supporters have believed for a long time that the race was rigged in favor of Clinton and now Brazille has given them proof.

Brazille also says she seriously considered replacing Clinton with former Vice President Joe Biden after Clinton collapsed during a 9-11 ceremony in New York. Brazille said in the end she “just couldn’t do it” to all the women who supported the first female candidate of a major party for President.

This is what’s missing however, the big story. I don’t for a second believe that Brazille would have gone out and thrown Hillary under the bus for what we have seen so far. No, I think Brazille knows something a lot bigger is coming, either in her book or in the near future from several investigations that have picked up momentum recently. Clinton is under increased scrutiny for her role in the Uranium One scandal with the Russians, her campaigns deal to pay for dirt on Donald Trump through a former British Spy and the so called Steele Dossier scandal and now the question of whether Federal Election Commission laws were broken by not disclosing expenditures used to control the DNC.

I think Brazille has the goods on Hillary or knows who does and is trying to minimize the damage by setting back fires in an effort to control the fire storm that is coming. You just wait and see when the big shoe drops and Brazille admits she either knew or suspected Clinton’s connection to the yet to be contained exploding scandal.

Donna Brazille is someone I almost never agree with politically but I can say she is very smart, well spoken and knows what goes on behind the curtain. She is setting off bombs for a reason and it isn’t to sell books, although that is a nice perk. Brazille is covering her own ass and others inside the beltway but the question is, from what?

We will all know soon enough.

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