Hello, my name is (fill in the blank) and I used to vote for Democrats.

For going on a year, we have been subjected to a constant barrage of anti-Trump messages from pretty much every Democrat in Washington and pretty much every major news outlet. A recent survey found that 93% of the coverage of President Trump has negative since the day he was elected. The drumbeat has focused primarily on the investigation into possible collusion between then candidate Trump and the Russians. However, after months of ripping and tearing into these allegations there’s virtually nothing to show for the effort. Along the way, Democrats like Senator Blumenthal of Connecticut accused Trump of working with the Russians to beat Hillary Clinton and went so far as to call his actions “treason!” The problem is, so far there is not one report or shred of evidence connecting the President to any nefarious activities with Vladamir Putins Communist regime, except for a report, the so-called Steele Dossier, that we now know was bought and paid for by The Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clintons own campaign. The price tag for the work of Fusion GPS for the attempted smear job is reported to be around $9 Million dollars.

The problems are many for the Democrats and some problems are far worse than getting caught lying about the Steele Dossier.

First of all, we need to see Fusion GPS’ checkbook. We need to know why Fusion GPS was paying money, to whom and we need to know what checks Fusion GPS was cashing as they came through the door. Currently, not one person at that company has uttered a word. In fact, when put on the stand every single employee of Fusion GPS took the Fifth instead of answering anything about it’s work for the Clinton campaign or the DNC. Follow the money and we shall learn plenty, I am quite sure. That will lead us to who paid for the foreign spy to go on a fishing expedition for dirt on Trump in an effort to create an effective smear campaign.

So far, Tom Perez and the DNC are saying we of course don’t know because we weren’t here, you need to ask the folks here before. So questions have been directed to Debbie Wasserman Schultz the former Director. It’s funny but she doesn’t seem to know a thing either. Hillary Clinton for her part has been defiant by declaring the story ‘baloney.’ Clinton also used the tried and true page from her handbook by calling the allegations, ‘old news.’ That is by the way what she does every single time she is caught in her own tangled web of deceit.

Here is how it appears however, a dossier, created by a foreign spy, paid for by Clinton and the DNC to smear Trump, created the whole Russian Collusion narrative to begin with. It was then turned around altogether and used to accuse Trump of colluding with the Russians and the major news media outlets have been running that story ever since November of 2016 when Trump shocked them all by actually connecting with real American voters, winning the election in the heartland and across the nation.

Now, the Democrats aren’t calling the Dirty Dossier a matter of collusion with a foreign government to get dirt on the other candidate but rather ‘opposition research’ that is fairly routine. Really? Come on Democrats! Take a moment and look in the mirror please. This is your chance to re-unite the country, believe it or not. I mean lets be honest how many of you really like Hillary Clinton anyway? I don’t see very many hands. How many of you would really be shocked to find out she tried to do something underhanded to win? Again I don’t see many hands. So, here is my point, if you just man-up and tell the truth the whole nation will benefit. Admit that Hillary ran a poor and possibly sleazy campaign. Admit that the Clinton machine has been all about the Clintons and little else ever since the 1970’s. Admit that you’ve always known they were up to something and you really never trusted them. And admit you’ve never liked her much anyway. A couple of you would also have to admit that you actually voted for Donald Trump but you can keep that secret if you’d like.

If Democrats and the Mainstream Media would actually come clean on the Clinton Machine and all it’s filthy parts it would be a cathartic moment for the nation. Bones are like relationships; clean breaks heal much better than messy breaks. You will win again and you will be in the White House again but I believe that will happen much faster if you admit to yourself and others what you’ve known for a very long time about Bill and Hillary, they are all about themselves and they are dirty to the core. If you continue to play the game of defending them, you will continue to give yourselves and the once proud Democratic Party a stain. It will be much harder to return to the White House because nobody will trust you if you keep insisting ‘Hillary did nothing wrong and its all Trumps fault.’ That is a losing proposition if I have ever heard one. You know, having a known liar parading around insulting the former members of the Democratic base isn’t exactly the way to pick up seats in Congress or pick up momentum for anything else either.

If you come clean and say, you know what, she is dirty and we are sick of it. Her friends are dirty too. This is a good way to start, “we are sorry America but we defended her for far too long and it’s time for us and everyone to move on.” America will listen and respond to that message. I can’t say that will lead to an instant change of heart for those that have left you by the tens of thousands but it will certainly lead you back to your former base a lot faster than the other alternative, which is to continue to defend Hillary and deny that Democrats have done anything wrong.

Dear Democrats, let me help you. What you need is a 12-step program to work through your addiction and deadly dependency on the Clintons.

Your first step is clear admit you are powerless over Hillary, Bill and the entire Clinton machine. Because as long as you cling to the notion that somehow you can control them, the longer you have no control at all. The first thing you need to do is admit you have a problem. The second thing you will need to do is to make amends with the American people. You see, Hillary may call all those former Democratic voters ‘Deplorable's’ but we call them mom, grandpa and our friends. We know that plenty of them can smell a rat and we know what they’ve been whiffing from the Clintons for a very long time.

Much like a long night of drinking, it may have seemed like a good idea at the time but when you wake up and look in the mirror, you look like a wreck. Your hair is a mess, your eyes are bloodshot and your mouth tastes like you put it where it does not belong. The headache is intense and pounding and the regret is great. This is what the Clintons have done to the Democratic Party. You all want that buzz you felt when Bill was in the White House. You want to feel like you did when he would give you the, “aw shucks,” it’ll be ok and I’ll do better I promise. You keep going back to the same well hoping to find that soothing tonic but it just isn’t there anymore. The thrill is gone and so is your party. You need to get on the wagon and on the road to recovery. You had better do it soon too, because if not there may not be anything to come home to.

Much like the guy who drinks too much and loses everything, Democrats are facing the same peril by sticking with Hillary. Those on the outside can see what’s happening but they cannot get through.  It’s like talking to the guy who’s going for another double saying, “I’m fine,” after he’s destroyed everything he cares about. The drunk loses his job, his house and his marriage. Democrats have already lost the House, the Senate and the White House. What else are you willing to give up to stick with this unhealthy addiction to Hillary and her rogue power hungry inner-circle? It’s a question that needs to be asked and it’s serious. Look at the Democrats all running around saying that it was all, “opposition research.” That may be the talking point they all agreed on but it is also the one that will hang them out to dry.

So time is wasting its time to get started with step 1 and admit you are powerless over the Clintons. This will help you understand why Democrats lost in the first place and that will be critical to finding a remedy going forward.

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