For the past decade or so we have heard from the liberal ideology that there is no difference between boys and girls and they use toys as an example.

The liberal ideology tells us that boys typically choose cars, truck and guns and girls prefer dolls and to play house not because of biology but because of social construct.  Liberals attempt to tell us that boys and girls are socialized and encouraged to play with different types of toys by their parents, friends and society.  What that tells me is that they essentially do not believe that these children have minds of their own but minds that are completely shaped by other people.  I do believe that there are some things that other people can have a great influence on shaping what a child thinks but not all.

Do you really believe that children do not pick the toys they want to play with but ones that the parents, friends and society determine what they play with or do you believe that children of the opposite sex choose toys that are genetically preferred by them?

Did you know that there is expanding scientific evidence that suggests that toy preferences actually do have a genetic origin. Scientist have even studied male and female primates and found that they exhibit similar toy preferences as do human boys and girls. Despite this expanding scientific evidence of genetic determinism, liberals have managed to intimidate toy sellers into ditching the labels "toys for boys" and "toys for girls."

Let me leave you with this thought, we are also told by liberals that it is genetics that determine if someone is gay or straight, transgendered or not.  If so then how can they then discount the fact that genetically boys want to play with certain types of toys and girls want to play with other toys?

Now they are in a pickle with that one, are they not?

I believe that liberals need to understand is that despite their presumptuous, they do not have the power to alter reality, nature, genetics and life.

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