Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr came to Lansing this week expecting some resistance from a plan for the state to spend up to $350 million dollars to help the city through bankruptcy, but he encountered a bit more than expected.

Taxpayer group calls money just "another" bailout for Detroit reports that members of the Michigan chapter of Americans for Prosperity are adding their two-cents.  They sent a letter to lawmakers expressing concern over what they consider "another bailout of Detroit" and warning against such action.

"Time and time again, Michigan has rewritten its laws to give Detroit special treatment and more financial assistance,"  AFP state Director Scott Hagerstrom said.  "Yet all this help seems to have encouraged not corrected bad behavior.  Another state bailout will not fix Detroit's problems."

Orr is meeting with leaders in the Senate today where a union contribution to pay down the debt has not been a priority.

He met yesterday with those in the state House who want the unions to have accountability as well.

Despite the lack of agreement on how or if lawmakers will step in to help the city offset the sting of pension cuts to retirees, a 10-bill package is expected to be introduced this week that could send hundreds of millions of dollars to Detroit over a period of years.

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