It will be one year ago on Saturday that 26 year old Jessica Heeringa went missing from a gas station in Norton Shores.  Now, authorities are sharing never-before-released details of the hours leading up to her disappearance.

Timeline details last hours before Jessica Heeringa went missing is reporting that police are sharing crime scene photos of the Exxon Gas Station on East Sternberg Road that indicate no signs of a struggle.  Police had said they believe Heeringa was lured out a back door then forced into a vehicle.

The report also runs down a timeline.  It indicates that the woman was seen at the store a few hours after her shift began having a discussion with her boyfriend about the future of their relationship and that she appeared to be upset by the converation.

Also, a customer entered the store shortly before 11 pm and said Heeringa did not appear to be stressed in any way and did not notice anyone else in the store.  Heeringa would be reported missing a short time later. is also reporting that Norton Shores Police shared details of witness accounts of two people on motorcycles who drove past the station around the time of the abduction.  One of them was identified as the manager of the Exxon store.  She reported seeing a silver-colored minivan pulling behind the station then turning its headlights off.  She also described seeing a figure standing near the rear of the van who she thought was adjusting something put in the back of the vehicle before closing the hatch.

They said at no time did they see Heeringa or hear calls for help.

When the vehicle drove past them, they say the driver was a man wearing a red or orange sweatshirt with wavy hair.  Neither saw Heeringa or anyone else in the vehicle.  The two followed the vehicle for a while but did not write down a license plate number.

Officials are hoping the release of the new details could generate even more tips on Heeringa's whereabouts.  Although the number of leads in the case has dwindled, police say they are continuing to aggressively investigate the case.

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