When I was born in 1965… the civil rights movement was reaching its pinnacle. I was born in a small southern Michigan town and frankly for the most part it was lily white. For the most part it still is.

The truth is however we never thought much about race. In early elementary school there were a few kids of color… and frankly none of us cared. Years later when we all graduated from high school I’d say we were still 85 or 90 percent white. I cannot speak for everyone but I can say that across a wide swath nobody cared much about race. We didn’t call them names or pick on them any more or less than any blonde haired blue-eyed twit that had caught our attention.

It was only in more recent years with the race merchants in the media screaming ‘racism’ at almost anything that is said… especially if the point being made does not agree with the radical liberal agenda and the industry of victimhood. Make no mistake it is an industry. Hell one that created the Reverend Al Sharpton. Reverend? Yeah really, I wonder from what church? I can tell you his kind of open hatred and venom and yes racism is what is not discussed nor would it be accepted in any church I’ve ever attended.

Thank God for people like Deborah Hughes the nurse in Detroit who stepped in to stop the vicious attack on Steven Utash… at the hands of a mob whipped in part by years of the racial propagandists that have screamed for years that the white guy is out to get you and screw you… and that your only hope is democrats in office.

Democrats? Good for the down trodden and the minorities in this nation? Well it seems a history lesson is in order again.

Well the truth is in 2014… the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Civil Rights Act… that Lincoln a Republican still freed the slaves… and a white Ohio congressman with nothing to gain pushed through the Civil Rights legislation almost by himself. Congressman Bill McCulloch was able to overcome the hateful record and performance by Senator Al Gore Sr. of Tennessee and Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia. Byrd a democrat like Gore was the longest serving US Senator and a Grand Dragon in the Ku Klux Klan. Al Gore’s dad was among the most hateful and vehement opponents of equality of the races. Ever hear that in history class?

These are conveniently forgotten facts these days but the truth is Republicans made the Civil Rights Act not only possible but a reality against the divisive hatred of southern democrats.

So today when Michigan is in the spotlight you will hear a lot about how democrats and liberals are outraged and the racist Republicans must be stopped from their radical agenda. Before you sip the progressive tea… take time to learn a little something that I like to call the truth. Then turn off Reverend Al and enjoy the rest of your day. You shouldn’t be a victim of the lies he and others try to spread every day.