Snow trucks are out again in force today dealing with the latest swipe from Mother Nature. Some 9 inches of the white stuff fell in some areas of the state over the weekend and more is coming. 

Temperatures are also dangerously cold.  An air temp of minus 2 was reported in Ironwood in the western U-P.  Air temps--without wind chills being considered--also hovered around the zero degree range in many parts of the state.

Police agencies from across the state are reporting dozens of accidents due to the icy road conditions and snow accumulations.  The hardest hit areas in the southeastern part of the state.

Doctors are warning in temperatures like these, always limit your time outside and dress for the weather.  They recommend layering clothing and making sure to keep exposed body parts, like faces and hands, covered.  Pets also are at risk in temps like these, so make sure they're provided adequate shelter with blankets to keep them warm and plenty of water.