Shelters that offer assistance to domestic violence victims are being credited for helping "all" members of the family.

More and more domestic shelters offering facilities for pets too


The Detroit News reported this week a story that singled out a facility in Howell as being particularly helpful.

Jody Campbell says she needed to stay at the LACASA facility in Livingston County for three months while she dealt with her abuse and worked to turn her life around.  One reason the transition was made easier she said was that she was able to bring her pet with her.

Some shelters have worked with outside groups for housing animals in trying times but a growing number of shelters in Michigan and across the country are now working to keep the entire "family" together by offering kennels, dog runs and other facilities for pets.

The story indicates that more works needs to be done in the area.  The say of the 2,500 or so family violence shelters in the country, only 77 offer shelter for pets as well and another 15 are working to offer those types of accomodations.

Those who would like to help in the fundraising, can find out more information at a number of sites, including:,, or visit

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