Well here's a twist that nobody ever saw coming. Well, at least I didn't see it coming...

According to WILX-TV News 10, you my friend can now rent the Lansing City Market. And I can too. And other people can too. Anyone can rent the Lansing City Market. Well I don't know about "anyone". I mean I think the potential renter would have to have some cash and the said potential renter wouldn't be able to do anything questionable with the property. Right?

The space, formerly the location of various businesses over the years which most famously included the popular Waterfront Bar and Grill, has been vacant since that business recently left the City Market. Until a permanent situation can be worked out, the city will be renting the space out on a temporary basis.

Get more information about the Lansing City Market here from WILX-TV News 10.

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