Honestly, I was gonna wait until the week of April 15th to file anyway.

The government has jacked up my second stimulus check and it doesn't look like I'm going to get the $1400 one either. All due to the fact that they decided to mail my second (and apparently third) check instead of direct depositing it like they did the first one.

And lucky me, I moved too.


So I'm going to wait. And their latest decisions (on the federal and local level) about our income taxes works out in my favor EVEN THOUGH they are suggesting I file as soon as possible.

Pay close attention to what they say about direct deposit below.

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The federal government has decided to give us another extension to file our taxes just like they did last year.

"This continues to be a tough time for many people, and the IRS wants to continue to do everything possible to help taxpayers navigate the unusual circumstances related to the pandemic, while also working on important tax administration responsibilities," said IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig. "Even with the new deadline, we urge taxpayers to consider filing as soon as possible, especially those who are owed refunds. Filing electronically with direct deposit is the quickest way to get refunds, and it can help some taxpayers more quickly receive any remaining stimulus payments they may be entitled to." (IRS)

Heads up, the new deadline for filing your federal income taxes is May 17th.

Hot on the heels of that announcement, Lansing Mayor Andy Schor has decided to jump on the extension bandwagon as well. Seems only right and makes sense. I pretty much expect everyone to follow suit in the next couple of days. But the city extension goes beyond May 17th.

On Thursday, Mayor Andy Schor announced that the City of Lansing will extend its 2020 City of Lansing income tax filing deadline from April 30, 2021, to June 1, 2021. (WILX)

If you're like me and you're wondering where your $1400 stimulus check is, check your status HERE.

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