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Summertime in Michigan is our favorite time of the year. Michigan boasts lots of festivals all across the state during this awesome time of the year to be outside enjoying the warm weather. And the July 4th holiday weekend is always anticipated with something we’ve enjoyed since childhood, fireworks. Not only the kind we buy at fireworks stands and shoot off ourselves, but the big show, the community fireworks that light up the sky. This year will be different due to the Covid 19 pandemic. But we have options.

Detroit always does a huge fireworks display, and they will again this year, but not on July 4th. Crain’s Detroit reports:

“People can't come together for the event, but we can bring hearts together in our city," said Tony Michaels, president and CEO of the nonprofit Parade Co., which organizes the annual event.

The Detroit event with happen on August 31st. The fireworks display is executed by Zambelli Fireworks who have been creating this show for Detroit for 62 years. You can’t attend the Detroit fireworks in person, but it will be televised for all to watch. It’s the next best thing to being there.

Here in mid-Michigan Eaton County has cancelled their yearly fireworks display at Sharp Park. The jury is still out on the Lansing fireworks. I've heard rumors that the city may do something with Cooley Law School stadium, but there is nothing confirmed as of today. Just because we may not have fireworks on the 4th of July this year, you should still take advantage of enjoying the holiday outdoors with your family. With small businesses opening in the next few days, I am sure some of the fireworks stores will still open for the holiday celebration.

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