Carter Page is the lynchpin for all the allegations being leveled by the left when it comes to accusing President Trump of colluding with the Russians. He was the target of at least 4 FISA warrants since October of 2016 but so far not a single charge has been filed.

It is actually much more perplexing. We have now learned that the government has been investigating and keeping Page under surveillance off and on since at least 2013. Yet they are still to charge him with any crime at all. Now that could change with the Mueller investigation but it is kind of incredible that the world’s premier law enforcement agency has been on Page’s trail for five years now and still don’t have enough to put him in cuffs.

It is pretty amazing isn’t it?

Then the FBI decides to use an unverified dossier that has extremely questionable sources as one of the key foundations to request a secret warrant from a secret court to intensify the examination of Page and his role with Donald Trump’s campaign but they didn’t do that until a month after he had left the effort.

What is really going on?

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