Should menstrual products in every college bathroom be offered to college students appears to be the new grievance

Campus Reform is reporting on students at the University of Florida who wore fake blood on their crotches this semester as a part of their protest in an effort to demand more menstrual products in their campus bathrooms.

A couple dozen students painted their crotches in fake blood to protest the lack of menstrual products in the University of Florida campus bathrooms.  Their proposal was rejected due to the fact that the University already offers these free products at a designated location on campus.

The student who organized this event stated:

If you’re disgusted with our bloody pants, then maybe you should rethink whether or not this is important for everybody or if everybody would use it…I think you all collectively benefit from me not bleeding in your seat.

According to the Campus Reform report, students are already entitled to:

three bags of menstrual products per week—each containing eight tampons, five liners, and five pads.

To add this this, as a man I just found out that I actually may have a period myself.

A University of Florida materials science and engineering sophomore who participated in the “bleed-in” stated that this “bleed-in” is not only for women but also the men on campus, she is quoted in the article stating:

Heteronormativity is rampant on this campus…today I held a little protest for free menstrual protects. If you saw my butt that was evidence. And I say menstrual not feminine because menstruation should not be gendered. Some men get periods.

Did you know that, all these years as a man I had no idea that I also may menstruate.

The first question is; should these products be made available for free to all college students?

The second question is; should these products be made available in all college campus restrooms or is a designated area good enough?

Lady’s this one is for you to answer, your thoughts?

The female listener who advised me of this “bleed-in” wrote:

From Amelia,

At the age of menses, when a young girl begins her menstrual cycles, she is taught to always be prepared - always have products with you "just in case."

As a graduate student, you definitely know when Aunt Flo will visit.  It is NOT the responsibly of the tax payer to provide you with feminine products.  It is solely your responsibility to buy and use these products.

Bleeding to make a point is not only juvenile, it demonstrates a true lack of maturity and lack of respect for others.

If you choose to bleed in my classroom, you will be cleaning it up and if you do not, your college account will be charged the cleaning fee.  Registration will be blocked until you pay the cleaning fees.

Grow up already.  Keep this gal's name on your not a candidate for employment list.

She is a troublemaker!

Once again ladies I ask you for your thoughts on this one.

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