Wow this is the second increase in fees Governor Snyder has proposed this week. I guess he feels free because he will no longer will be running for any office.

The Detroit News is reporting that Governor Snyder wants you to eventually pay a $5 annual water fee to help upgrade Michigan’s water and sewer infrastructure.

This state water fee Governor Snyder is proposing would begin with a $1 fee in 2020 and adding an additional $1 each of the next 4 years totaling $5 by 2024. The Governor states the when this plan is fully implemented it will bring in approximately $110 million a year through 2040. Why 2040, because this fee would sunset by then, sure I believe that, don’t you?

Governor Snyder said in his statement about this new proposed water fee:

Critical updates are necessary to rebuild our state’s failing water infrastructure... Investing in our state’s water infrastructure needs is essential to ensure every Michigander has access to safe drinking water, protect our environment and continue our state’s outstanding economic growth.

I obviously have a couple of questions:

What have they been doing with all the fees they have been collecting from us?

Is there not another way to fund these improvements, such as cutting some other program or perhaps eliminating one?

Now there may be legitimate answers to these questions, I believe the citizens of Michigan need to have those questions asked and answered before we accept a new state fee.

I will contact Governor Snyder’s office and see if I can be the one to ask those questions and my listeners hear his answers.

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