Losing your wallet is one thing. And losing your phone, we know how crazy you get when that happens. BUT WHO LEAVES THEIR GUN? In the bathroom of a major grocery store? Kinda dangerous and a lil bit irresponsible? We know things happen but come on. Suppose a kid found it?

This happened Tuesday afternoon at the Meijer in Howell off of Grand River. And luckily it wasn't a kid that found it. A store employee stumbled on it and turned it over to the store manager. They called the cops.

Law enforcement officials are in the process of contacting the gun's owner. They say the gun was legally registered and not left maliciously.

BUT STILL...COME ON! What day of gun safety training did you miss for this to happen? Did you not hear it fall and hit the floor. Did you not notice, oh crap, my gun is missing? How did you not make it back to the store in a panic after noticing it was gone?

The report will be forwarded to the Livingston County Prosecutor’s Office.

No charges had been filed as of Tuesday evening. (Livingston Daily)


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